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kingdom netflix review

kingdom netflix Review :-

kingdom netflix review

Movie/ Series : kingdom

Cast and crew:- Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong,
Bae Doo-na,Kim Sang-ho,Kim Sung-kyu,Kim Hye-jun.

Music director:- Young-Jin Mok

Produced by: Lee Sung-joon

Directed by: Kim Seong-hun

kingdom netflix Review :: We all are very well known about a fact that audience love films Irrespective of language. Not only films, now a days audience are personally connected to Web series too. As a sentence says ” There is no space for languages irrespective of films ” . From the past few years audience are watching all kind of movies even they haven’t any knowledge about the language of the film. In this format audience are connected to a Web-series which was entitled as ” Kingdom ” originated by Korean language. Lets see the plot of it and how our audience got attached to this series.

kingdom netflix Review

Story ( Spoiler free ) :

Series starts with an allegation of officials in Hanyang over the King’ s death. Due to the allegations Crown Prince Lee Chang went to check his father’s Illness and in order to cure his father, he and Mu-yeong goes to Jiyulheon where they are frightened by listening Seo-bi’s story which is the reason behind illness. When the day ends all the dead bodies turned as Zombies, started killing everyone. Besides that how will be pregnant queen survive lonely without any support. Simultaneously political rivalries arrised by oppositions. How does Prince Lee chang sorted out problems? Did he saved his people ‘s lives or not ? Who is going to be next king ? What happened to pregnant Queen ? What is the story of Seo-bi ? Is Zombies survival related to it ? If you wanted to know the reasons behind it watch this series through Netflix.

kingdom netflix Review

Positives :

  • Every actors have done their level best which we can visualize it in every scene.
  • Art work and sets which was showcased was natural and realistic through which everyone fall for it.
  • Every scene was an seat-edge one where it was filled with a thrilling format right from first scene itself.
  • Production values are greater than any other series and is equal to cinematic libraries.
  • Somewhere when we see the series , it strikes us to the present scenario which is interlinked with ” CORONA VIRUS ” The struggles we are facing right now had shown in it through different manner.
  • Cinematography was quite impressive.
  • Director Kim Seong-hun had completely succeeded in making this series a horrifying thriller one.
  • special appreciation must be given to the Editor and music director of this series which was literally lit.

Flip side :-

This series is completely periodic drama which may not like for regular commercial filmy lovers.

Overall :-

The web series ” Kingdom ” is out and out thriller one ‘s which includes horrifying elements too. One who starts seeing this series for sure it will be remarked into their Preferred list. Those who loves to watch thriller format series, this series is the best choice for them, as every scene is detailed in that format without any bored scenes. Every actor lived in their roles which was another asset for this series. The surprising package of this series is ” It linked with current Corona Virus issues too ” . Overall a worth watchable web series. You can watch this series through Netflix only. Hope you have a great day by watching this series.


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