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The Best Tamil to Telugu Dubbed Movies

telugu dubbed films list
telugu-dubbed movies list

Want to Watch Tamil to Telugu Dubbed Movies ? Here is the Best Choice of Movies, In recent times Telugu Tamil Dubbed Movies are creating huge collections and had given tough War for regular telugu films too. Telugu film lovers and audience will encourage any film which has good content. That’s the reason why Tamil actors like Suriya, Vikram, kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth, Vijay had huge fan base in Telugu audience too.

Telugu dubbed movies from tamil

Telugu dubbed films from tamil
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Chandra mukhi ( 2005) :-

arundhathi chandramukhi
Chandra mukhi – telugu dubbed film in 2005

This is the very first Tamil to Telugu dubbed film which created sensation at box office and created wonders. Rajini manerism and the way of presenting horror film is still unmatchable. It’s a sensation. Watch

Aaru (2005) :-

Aaru (2005)
Aaru (2005)

After Rajini it’s suriya who got immense Telugu fans following, aaru is a film which gained mass audience too. Surya performance and entire screenplay was just mind blowing. watch

Aparichitudu ( 2005) :-


Director Shankar had made a land mark in Telugu industry and changed the mindset of audience with this film besides Vikram acting was just lit, the way he portrayed 3 different roles was still remarkable to allsection of audience.  Watch

best telugu dubbed films
telugu dubbed movies

gajini (2005):-


Suriya had presented in a new avatar and they way he presented in this film was another level, his dedication was inspiration to younger one’s. Gajini was still a memorable film to all section of audience. Watch

Shivaji (2007):-

This was another milestone by Director Shankar and Rajini which was filled with plenty of Rajinified Mannerisms and a treat to every thalaiva Fans. The way entire film presented was still glowing in our mind.

Deva (2007) :-

This was suriya’s dual role film which was directed by Hari. Entire film was a treat to mass film lovers and the way screenplay presentation was still remarkable by future directors. 

Surya a/o krishnan ( 2008) :

Everytime suriya come with a different subject with new avatar, this film was directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and this film is still a classic lovable film and even now most of the film lovers listen to this film songs based on their mood.

Pista ( 2009):-

Vishal was known to Telugu audience but made a mark with his films like Pogaru, and Pista which was filled with a mixture of all family emotions and won a place in Telugu audience hearts. Like wise his Salute film too had released same year and did good at box office. 

Got More attention on telugu tamil dubbed movies from 2010 Onwards

tamil dubbed films from 2010 Onwards

Prema khaidi ( 2010):-

This was a new aged love story which was loved by A section audience and the songs of this film are still listenable in all musical platforms. Even though castings in this film are new, but Telugu audience is loved by the performances. 

Know the… movies how to download

Awara ( 2010):-

Suriya’s brother Karthi had made a special surprise with this film and to our shock, this film was made a theatre run of almost one year in Telugu states. This was a history created by a Tamil actor. This film was still watchable and songs are of utmost listenable. 

Yuganikiokadau ( 2010):-

In the same year, Karthi had made another carrier level best film with a complete different avatar, this film show karthi’s dedication towards cinema was just lit.

Singham( 2010) :-

Unexpectedly suriya had fixed in Telugu audience hearts with a series so called Singham. The was mass europhia generated with this series are unmatachable and this series are still lovable to watch and continuous one. 

Rangam (2011):-

Jeeva had made an entry with this film to Telugu audience, as a surprise this film had made a theatrical run of 100 days. With his first film itself he showed his caliber and proved himself. A worth watchable film.

Ajith Gambler ( 2011):-

Ajith had cope up with a brilliant screenplay based film where Action King Arjun had shared the screen with Ajith, This film was a memorable film to all film lovers. 

Thupaki (2012):-

Most of the people who thought, Vijay carrier had ended, this film had shuttered their mouth and this film had created a sensation at Telugu box office too which was still unbeatable film in any section.

Gajaraju ( 2012):

Just like prema khaidi, this film too a memorable one for lovers, the way director Prabhu salmon had narrated the subject will fixed in the hearts as natural as any films.

Best tamil to telugu dubbed films gajaraju
Gajaraju telugu dubbed movie in 2012

Nakili ( 2012) :-

The concept of this film was just mindblowing as vijay a tiny had made his entry with this film and scored decent thrilling hit as the entire film was filled with serious thriller format.

Pizza (2012):-

Vijay sethupathi had made entry over Telugu audience hearts with this film, entire film was a seat edge thriller and the way vijay performed was still fixed in the mind of film lovers. 

Vishal Pooja ( 2014):-

One word ” Mass europhia ” is a small thing to mention about this film. Vishal terrific performance, direction by hari made this film a perfect treat to the mass audience and this film had made a theatre run of 100 days at that time.

Pisachi (2014):-

This is one of the best horror film made by new castings , also encouraged by the Telugu audience. they love the presentation of the entire film.

Badhram (2014):-

Just like pisachi, Bhadram too one of the thrillers in those times and encouraged the Telugu audience. 

Pandavulo okkadu (2014):-

Vaibhav made entry with this film where film deals with friendship values and true love. Vaibhav along with his friends made a decision of not to marry but vaibhav falls for a girl rest is how vaibhav sorts the things forms the rest of story.

This film is completely filled with humour which like by all youths a must watch comedy entertainer

Navamanmadhudu ( 2015):-

Dhanush had already known to Telugu audience but this film was loved by Telugu family audience as the entire film was filled with plenty of family emotions. 

Demonty colony ( 2015):-

Another seat edge thriller by new castings which was applauded by all Telugu audiences. 

Ok bangaram (2015):-

Manirathnam’s direction and the way New actor Dulquer Salman performed made a grand entry to Telugu audience and this film was a special one to all lovers.

24 (2016):-

Suriya is known for concept-oriented film, this time Suriya came with a time travel conceptual film which was a masterpiece and is a cult classic. 

Remo ( 2016):-

Actor Shiva Karthikeyan had cope up with this film and entertained the Telugu audience with this film. The way SK and Keerthy performed was made Telugu audience flat. 

D16 (2016):-

The entire film was a serious thriller and a must was a film for all the audience who love thriller films. 

Bichagadu ( 2016):-

Unexpectedly Vijay Anthony had released this film but to his surprise, this film was loved by all section of Telugu audience and made a theatrical run of almost 70+ days at the box office.

Project Z (2017):-

Sundeep kishan had made his Tamil entry with this film, due to no promotions this film hasn’t known to most of the audience but this film is also a seat edge thriller and for sure you all love this film. 

Nagaram ( 2017):-

In the same year, so deep released this film which was mixed with two different concepts but unfortunately hasn’t engaged Telugu audience, but the concept was quite interesting to have a look over it.

C/o Surya ( 2017):-

The same thing happened with this film too, most of them don’t know about this film, but the concept of this film was quite different and for sure you’ll love it. 

Bandobast (2019):-

As usual, Suriya had cope up with another concept based film which was a seat edge thriller. This film was mixed with all commercial elements and made a huge success at the box -office. 

Vishwasam( 2019):-

A perfect family entertainer, the songs in this film were still in repeat mode. The way Ajith Nayanthara and Anika Surendran performed was made this film a must watch one. 

Kanulu Kaiulani dochayante ( 2020):-

The best thriller film in recent times, the way the entire film was presented was awesome and both Dulquer Salman and Rethu Varma performed was mind-blowing and a must watch the film. 

Ruling tamil to telugu dubbed films in OTT as well

Ruling tamil to telugu dubbed films in  OTT as well

36 vayasulo (2020):-

Jyothika had come to Telugu audience with a female-centric subject and to her surprise, this film was loved by all sections of the audience. A must watch the film for all women as the film is filled with problems faced by married women. 

Forensic (2020):-

A seat edge thriller which was filled with no.of twists through which all of the viewers will be shocked. A perfect thriller. Watch this film in your free time.

So, viewers, these are top loved Telugu dubbed movies hope you all love this article of we had missed any film please mention them in the comment section. Will cope up with another interesting one. Stay tuned to our page.

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